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 How to ISO Mod EFLC [After July 5th Patch]

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PostSubject: How to ISO Mod EFLC [After July 5th Patch]   Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:36 pm

NOTE: Mods that were patched in the July 5th Update were

Colored car mods
Rockets shooting from your weapons

You can still use

Invulnerable to explosions
Speed cars
Flying cars
Drift cars
Freeze cars

What you need


What exactly are in these Mods?


Xbox Backup Creator: Here

IMGBurn: Here

GTA IV EFLC ISO: (Must use with uTorrent) Here

uTorrent: Here

IMG Files you will be using: Here

Mod Files you will be using: Here

How to Clear System Cache and Hotswap: Here

How to download the ISO

Download the torrent, and open it inside of uTorrent. (File name is "mvl-gtae")


Once you open it inside of uTorrent, a popup will show up. Like this, just hit OK, and let it download.


It will then download, depending on your internet speed, it will range from 1 Hour and 30 Minutes - 3 Hours for download time.

After the download is done, right click on the torrent, and hit "Open Containing Folder"

Extract ALL of the items in there to your desktop (It will only give out the .DVD file and the .ISO File, not 67 files)

And that's it. I didn't do the images for these last steps, I can't be bothered waiting 1 Hour and 45 Minutes.

Now, open up 'Xbox Back Up Creator' Copy the settings I have if not set like that.


Once you hit 'Image Browser' this will pop up. Hit 'File' then 'Open Image Fie'


Open your ISO that is on your desktop, and then watch this video on how to replace your files.

This video is the guy that made THESE mods, so don't worry. It isn't different.

NOTE: The files MUST BE replaced in the order of this video!

Or you WILL NOT have a working disc! You have been warned.


Once done doing that video,

Open up IMGBurn, and COPY DOWN THE EXACT settings I have.


After you copy my settings I've got.

Exit it out, and go to 'Write Image File to Disc'


Hit the magnifying glass with the folder on it. And load the .DVD File.

NOTE: The .DVD file is the 1 KB file! NOT THE ISO FILE!


If you load up the .ISO File (One that is like 7trillion MB or something like that, your disc will not work.

You have to load up the 1 KB File, .DVD File)

Once you do that, change your Write Speed to 2.4x

And copies to how ever many your burning.

Then hit WRITE!

It takes about 30 - 35 minutes to burn a disc, so be patient.

In the Mod Pack I provided you with, if you use Da420's mods. Put NO WATER.

Because there's custom bridges, and some are underneath the water. (By the Sultan RS and by Happiness Island)

If you need any help, post on here your problem, or PM me it, and if I am not busy, I will teamviewer it for you.

(Have the ISO and everything downloaded and extracted)
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PostSubject: Re: How to ISO Mod EFLC [After July 5th Patch]   Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:54 pm

This turns me on super hard sunny
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How to ISO Mod EFLC [After July 5th Patch]
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